Konfidence Badeanzug mit Schwimmhilfe 12-18 Monate Blau – Clownfish

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This fantastic Float Suit is ideal for weaker swimmers that need a buoyancy swim aid and swim suit all in one. Featuring only 8 removable soft foam floats you can reduce the buoyancy dependency as the wearer gets stronger and more confident (comes with instructions). Children can learn to swim with confidence at every step and stage of their development. They are soft and comfortable to wear and offers a sense of security. They allow the swimmer the freedom to move around the water and learn skill vital for water safety. Available in the following colours; Blue Stripe, Pink Stripe, Gold/Nautical, Red/Yellow, Fuchsia/Pink. Available in the following sizes; 1-2 yrs, 2-3 yrs & 4-5 yrs.Schwimmholfe und Badeanzug für Babys und Kinder
Weich und angenehm zu tragen
Ideal für Schwimmanfänger
8 abnehmbare Schwimmhilfen, sodass sich der Auftrieb bei Bedarf verringern lässt
Volle Beweglichkeit der Arme, sodass Kinder leichter das Schwimmen lernen können

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