What if „Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace“ were good?
This is both a review and a hypothetical.

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If you’ve read this far, in your comment include the phrase, „The best part about the prequels was _______________. The worst was _________________.“
It’s like Mad-Libs or something!

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31 thoughts on “WHAT IF „STAR WARS: EPISODE I“ WAS GOOD? (Belated Media)

  1. Yea, even if episode 1 stayed the same just bringing Maul back with mechanical legs would have the best thing to do. But Obi-Wan dealing with Qui-Gon's former master is kind of neat but i forget if that was pointed out in the movies or not.

  2. The only problem I find with this is Obi-Wan having a love interest in Padme, and that protecting her is what kills Qui-Gon. That kind of sets Obi-Wan and Padme up for a relationship, instead of her and Anakin. Surely Obi-Wan can just slip up? Even if he doesn't do anything wrong, it's still personal that Maul killed his mentor and probably best friend.

  3. Holy cow! My son just turned me on these (I actually watched 2 first), and FINALLY, someone gets what I've been telling everyone for YEARS: Star Wars I-VI IS/WAS/SHOULD BE SEEN AS about Obi-wan Kenobi. The. End. Sorry if GL intended and even wrote it to be all about the Skywalker family. It's just not so. That whole "drama" is contingent upon Obi-wan and Anakin, and it they totally DROPPED THE BALL in Ep II,III especially. Thank you!!

  4. It's funny, this is the first time I have ever seen this video but I have been saying the same sentiments about Darth Maul. He should have of been the main antagonist throughout the prequels. I also like you idea about Palpatine being a mere go between the Senate and the Jedi.

    This is different from my idea which would have flew in the face of the "Rule of Two" for the Sith. I would have of had the idea that the Sith saw this as the time to rise and start backstabbing each other. Maul is actually a master, Palpatine the apprentice…Palpatine gets some other unseen figure (Assaj Ventress or Tyrannus) to undermine Maul.

    Great video though…too bad none of us could have of gotten into George's head to stop him from making this filmed abortion.

  5. I don't think we should ever see Maul and Sidious on screen at the same time. If we need anything we should only see Maul communicating to Sidious via hologram and never on Corosant. We should keep the revel for when we show that Papatine has been the Sith Lord for the 3rd movie.

  6. An issue I do have with the scene at the end between Maul and Sidious is that it would mean when Maul reveals himself in your episode II version it wouldn't be as big a reveal as if we didn't know he was alive. I agree that a foreshadowing scene like that would be awesome, but imagine how cool it would be to reveal Darth Maul with his robotic legs in Clones (or whatever you'd rename it, while "the phantom menace" is a cool title "attack of the clones" isn't, but that's another issue) when the audience believed him dead. I guess it depends on weather you think the foreshadowing would outweigh that, I do admit there's definitely an argument for that, and it would be cool to have Darth Maul return even if we didn't believe him dead.

  7. I, for one, like some of your ideas and will be adapting them for my own take of these movies. In regards to Padme, I like the idea of Padme being related to the Alderannian throne, like, the Alderannian senators were heavily involved in the Alderannian king's court and that would give Leia a claim to princesshood

  8. I´m tempted to cry when I consider your story and the one meeesaaaa got for his money.
    All the heartbroken fans say thanks for this last hope that we ever get a good prequel to the movies we love so much.

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